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“We know you watch porn” (and here’s fake proof…) [PODCAST]Here's Episode 6 of the Naked Security podcast... enjoy! [...]

Serious D-Link router security flaws may never be patchedSix routers with serious security flaws are considered end of life (EOL) and may never be updated. [...]

Apple privacy portal lets you see everything it knows about youThe Apple website's privacy and data area lets you download and correct your data. [...]

The libssh “login with no password” bug – what you need to know [VIDEO]Here's a video that explains the libssh "no password needed" bug - jargon-free and in [...]

Is Google’s Android app unbundling good for security?If you live in the EU, turning on a new Android device after 29 October 2018 could look quite differ [...]

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Drupal's advisory also included three patches for "moderately critical" bugs. [...]

The bugs let hackers crash IoT devices, leak their information, and completely take them over. [...]

Simple technique enables attackers to leverage Windows OS component to maintain stealth and persiste [...]

A custom malware used in a five-pronged APT espionage campaign was largely built from the defunct Co [...]

Tumblr stressed that there is no evidence the security bug was being abused or that unprotected acco [...]

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Sophos Mobile gets in sync with Google Cloud IdentityOnboarding new devices to management policy controls includes the important step of user authenticat [...]

The price of a cheap mobile phone may include your privacyInexpensive mobile phones may be subject to "supply chain compromise," with Trojaned third [...]

Join our webcast series for National Cybersecurity Awareness MonthRaise your cybersecurity awareness with our weekly webcasts throughout October. [...]