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Man who shared Deadpool movie on Facebook faces 6 months in jailUS government recommended six months behind bars. That’s one month for every million people that vie [...]

US military given the power to hack back/defend forwardThe new preventative cybersecurity powers include potentially acting against countries considered fr [...]

FBI wants to keep “helpful” Mirai botnet authors aroundThe young men behind the powerful IoT device botnet have been working undercover with law enforcemen [...]

Western Digital goes quiet on unpatched MyCloud flawWestern Digital has failed to patch a serious security vulnerability in its MyCloud NAS drives that [...]

URL spoofing – what it is and what to do about it [VIDEO]What happens if your browser doesn't tell you the truth about the identity of the website you [...]

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The incident, hard on the heels of the British Airways breach, shows that Magecart is quickly evolvi [...]

The research team said it has shared its findings with law enforcement and victims are being notifie [...]

The three hackers behind the infamous Mirai botnet have been helping law enforcement take down cyber [...]

Overall seven flaws were patched - including one critical vulnerability that could lead to arbitrary [...]

Technology can free analysts from the burden of manual and tedious tasks so they can operate at the [...]

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Microsoft’s September patches fix a raft of serious bugsUpdates for Windows and Mac users resolve more than five dozen software vulnerabilities [...]

2018 NSS Labs NGFW retest results for XG FirewallXG Firewall received excellent results across all areas tested by NSS Labs. [...]

Sophos Mobile: Day zero support for iOS 12Sophos Mobile is ready to protect Apple's latest version of iOS today. [...]

The art of unboxing: Sophos APX Series access pointsA taste of what you can expect from our new APX Series access points. [...]

Sophos Email: Delivering on security and visibilityEven more information, in just one click. [...]