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YouTube is reading text in users’ videosGoogle keeps tabs on much of your activity. Now, it turns out that its YouTube service is also readi [...]

Facebook has filed patents to predict our future locationsOne such use would be to pre-stuff our devices with ads and other content before we wander into a Wi [...]

Kanye West tops the charts for year’s worst password pratfallKanye, please keep your "all zeroes! all the time!" password away from the media. And Nute [...]

Update now! WordPress 5.0.1 release fixes seven flawsDon't delay, update your WordPress website today. [...]

Border agents are copying travelers’ data, leaving it on USB drivesIt's just one of many SOP SNAFUs of a pilot program for advanced searches of travelers' de [...]

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Flaws could allow an attacker to stop or start a home charging station, or even change the current i [...]

One bug accidentally allowed Google to index user passwords. [...]

The bug allowed 1,500 apps built by 876 developers to view users' unposted "draft" ph [...]

The flaw allows a remote attacker to gain full access over a machine. [...]

A business email compromise campaign cost the Save the Children Federation $1 million. [...]

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Microsoft’s December updates fix several dozen serious problemsDon't give your computers a year-end holiday from regular updates this month [...]

XG Firewall joins Sophos CentralThe early access program is now live. [...]

Sophisticated Android clickfraud apps pose as iPhone apps and devicesA collection of Android apps exhibit novel and innovative advertising fraud capabilities [...]

How a SamSam-like attack happens, and what you can do about itWe summarize how the attackers perform a targeted ransomware attack [...]