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Firefox axes add-ons, developer pushes backMozilla has wiped 23 extensions from its directory of Firefox browser add-ons after finding what it [...]

Los Angeles to use body scanners on metro ridersSubway and bus riders will be randomly scanned as the city becomes the first in the country to use t [...]

Google employees protest work on censored search engine for ChinaHundreds signed a letter raising concerns about the moral and ethical issues of Google helping China [...]

Adblocking and browser privacy can be bypassed, researchers findVirtually every desktop browser and adblocker can have its ad-tracking privacy or security bypassed [...]

Monday review – the hot 23 stories of the weekFrom the 10-year jail sentence for not unlocking your phone and the teen who hacked Apple to Faceboo [...]

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An attacker could escalate privileges on the server, further penetrating the network, harvesting cus [...]

Researchers launched a Proof-of-Concept attack on two Android mobile phones and an embedded system b [...]

The recently-patched flaw could corrupt memory in such a way that an attacker could execute arbitrar [...]

This could mark yet another reinvention for the VenusLocker group, which has mostly been focused on [...]

The unpatched flaw would allow a bad actor to execute information-exfiltrating malware, backdoors, r [...]

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What you need to know for Patch Tuesday, August 2018With 23 critical vulnerabilities addressed in patches from Microsoft and Adobe, August is turning ou [...]

Phish Threat’s security awareness training gets animatedReal-life cyber threat headlines, Hollywood scripts and great animations come to Phish Threat. [...]

Anubis is Back: Are You Prepared?This fully-featured bot is, once again, managing to bypass Google Play Store security measures. We l [...]

We’re at Black Hat 2018, and we’re bringing the light!Sessions, briefings, information, insight, experts, socks and a drone - what more could you want? [...]

Understanding WebAssembly (video)We investigate the WASM engine, which operates in a “portable and sandboxed” virtual machine inside [...]