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Google recalls Titan Bluetooth keys after finding security flawGoogle had egg on its face this week after it had to recall some of its Titan hardware security keys [...]

Hacking gang stole millions in cryptocurrency via SIM swapsSix alleged members of "The Community" were indicted, along with three phone service emplo [...]

Europol arrests end GozNym banking malware gangArrests in Europe and the US appear to have ended the cybercrime careers of the gang behind the GozN [...]

Trump seeks tales of social media bias – and your phone numberA tool from the White House invites those who suspect political bias in social media censorship to [...]

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A cross-site scripting flaw in a popular WordPress plugin enables an unauthenticated attacker to ins [...]

The decision to pay a ransom in the case of a ransomware attack can be a complex one for businesses. [...]

The importance of reading the network tealeaves of a company’s network traffic to head off an attack [...]

From a zero day flaw in WhatsApp, to Patch Tuesday fixes, Threatpost breaks down the top vulnerabili [...]

The bloom is on mobile, whether it be the enterprise, employees or the cybercriminals plotting new w [...]

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May, 2019 Patch Tuesday addresses critical remote desktop, DHCP bugsThe vulnerabilities were so potentially harmful, Microsoft released updates for no-longer-supported [...]

How Intercept X stops MegaCortex ransomwareRansomware continues to evolve, but Sophos Intercept X is one step ahead. [...]

MegaCortex, deconstructed: mysteries mount as analysis continuesAn update to last week's late-breaking information about this novel ransomware [...]

“MegaCortex” ransomware wants to be The OneThe sudden appearance of a new ransomware on a large number of enterprise networks was not the May D [...]