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5 Protective Ps to help you prevent network takeovers [VIDEO]Recently, we've seen crooks unleashing ransomware and cryptojacking on whole networks at a time [...]

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Facebook: we won’t share data with WhatsApp (yet)Facebook has signed a public commitment to keep its mitts off Whatsapp user data sharing, until it c [...]

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Microsoft is looking to target new speculative execution side channel vulnerabilities - similar to S [...]

Matt Tait gives a list of examples throughout history where politically motivated groups have used d [...]

Intel is introducing hardware-based protections to its new chips to protect against the Spectre and [...]

Despite setbacks hackers behind GandCrab malware are pushing ahead with lucrative new ransomware str [...]

A Walmart jewelry partners' misconfigured AWS S3 bucket left personal details and contact infor [...]

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Sophos is a 2018 SuperbrandThe Superbrands 2018 Annual Report has arrived, and Sophos is a part of it. [...]

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Intercept X: the data scientist’s viewMachine learning requires amazing people, so let’s meet one… [...]

There’s no excuse for poor network visibility...and no need to tear out your existing firewall (or your hair) [...]

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