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Hackers hold 80,000 healthcare records to ransomCarePartners said its forensic investigation identified 1500 affected records - the hackers say they [...]

Roblox says hacker injected code that led to avatar’s gang rapeRoblox was moving some older, user-generated games to a newer, more secure system when the attack to [...]

Basic email blunder exposed possible victims of child sexual abuseThe Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse sent out a mass emailing in which a staffer mistaken [...]

Privacy – can you have too much of a good thing? [PODCAST]Catch up with Day 4 of our Security SOS Week - here's the fourth episode of our week-long onlin [...]

Venmo users: time to hide your drug deals and excessive pizza consumptionTo its fans, Venmo is a hassle-free P2P app that lets anyone living in the US send money to friends, [...]

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Hundreds of thousands of emails are delivering weaponized PDFs containing malicious SettingContent-m [...]

Dasan and D-Link routers running GPON firmware are being targeted by hackers in an attempt to create [...]

Criminals have found a mischievous way to mine cryptocurrency. Security researcher Troy Mursch sound [...]

Airport TSA agents don’t check terminals for insecure WiFi networks, so stay on your toes when using [...]

An uncharacteristic spate of strikes against IoT devices in Finland during the summit was likely an [...]

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Take a tour of Sophos Central’s Endpoint and Intercept X ProtectionHit the ground running with our endpoint features in Sophos Central. [...]

Servers can now get the protection they deserveYour servers are about to get even more secure. [...]

Doozy of a Patch Tuesday as Microsoft, Adobe clean houseMicrosoft released 53 updates on Tuesday, classifying 18 as critical, while Adobe fixed 107 bugs, ne [...]

Welcome to the new SophosLabs Uncut blogThe SophosLabs researchers have been dying to tell you about all the cool stuff they’ve been doing. [...]

Sophos wins CRN Best Partner Website 2018 awardThe Sophos Partner Portal has been named the Best Partner Website of 2018. [...]