IT Security Audits

IT Security Audits:


Even the most advanced network security systems should be audited / evaluated periodically.  Network Security Systems can become less effective due to lack of management and other factors.


Are your IT Policies and Procedures sound, and complete?  More importantly, are they being followed?


More and more types of businesses and organizations fall under Federal, State, or Industry-Enforced Security Compliance Regulations every year.  If your organization falls under the oversight of such an authority, CISS can perform the periodic Security Audits that are required by many Security Compliance Regulatory Authorities, in addition to any required by Cyberinsurance carriers, customers, or vendors.


Most organizations, whether required to do so by a regulatory body or not, greatly benefit from performing a comprehensive security audit.  Many Insurance Underwriters will not cover damages caused by data loss if IT Security Best Practices are not followed. Losses can be prevented by taking proactive action NOW.

What is a Complete IT Security Audit?

A Complete IT Security Audit is a detailed examination of an organization’s External and Internal Network Infrastructure Security, Internal Security Policies and Procedures, and other aspects of IT Security.

An IT Security Audit typically includes the use of hardware and software tools, along with manual review of information by Security Professionals.  Convergent Information Security Solutions evaluates the client’s network and systems vulnerabilities, IT controls (both technology-based and staff-controlled), and performs an overall assessment of the client’s IT Security “health.”  A detailed report that indicates strengths and weaknesses is then provided to the client for their review.

Convergent Information Security Solutions can also assist in the remediation of vulnerabilities found during the audit, and can also make recommendations as to actions that may need to be taken to meet future security requirements.

Periodic IT Security Audits are often a directly mandated requirement set forth by various Federal, State, and Industry regulatory authorities.  In cases where IT Security Audits are not a directly mandated requirement, they are often an IMPLIED requirement as part of, for example, a financial audit.  Most regulatory authorities that oversee organizations that manage personal customer data, sensitive vendor or internal data, state that an organization that collects and utilizes such data must take the necessary precautions to prevent the loss or compromise of protected information.  A Complete IT Security Audit is a necessary part of taking the necessary precautions to protect sensitive, confidential, or essential data.

Convergent Information Security Solutions can also provide components of an IT Security Audit if a client already has a pre-existing IT Security Audit Program in place.  We can augment your existing program with our advanced tools and professional expertise.

Convergent Information Security Solutions can manage your IT Security Auditing process “Cradle to Grave” or act as a consultant for specific aspects of your pre-existing IT Security Auditing Program.

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