Document Management Systems

Secure. Efficient. Accessible

Cabinet SAFE is document management software … and much more. SAFE offers organizations of all sizes access to enterprise-class tools for document capture, indexing, storage, search and retrieval, as well as workflow management, scheduling and collaboration.

Available as installed software or in the cloud, SAFE document management software makes it easy for organizations to streamline operations, increase security, improve compliance, use physical space more efficiently and reduce their carbon footprint – all while saving significant amounts of money.


Save Time. Save Money.

With Cabinet SAFE, you don’t just get software. You get a true enterprise system featuring capture and workflow functionality – one that fits into your organization’s existing processes and workflows, creating efficiencies and driving adoption from Day 1.

Need on-premise document management software for a single office? SAFE has you covered. Need to use the cloud to share documents between multiple locations? No problem. Remote access on laptops, netbooks and tablets? With SAFE, it’s easy.

Want to learn more about deploying a paperless system that’s more functional than home document management software, open source personal document management software or PaperPort, and far easier than SharePoint? Download our new eBook, “No More Papercuts: The Common-Sense Guide to Implementing Your Paperless Office Strategy.” It features more than 30 pages of actionable information from our experts – and it’s free!

Secure Information Sharing

The Cabinet SHARE collaboration module makes it easy for Cabinet clients to securely and efficiently share information with customers, vendors, patients, business associates and more.

Using SHARE is simple: SAFE users and outside contacts can each upload paperless documents to a password-protected SHARE account, from which either can access and manage the files via a standard web browser. Uploads and email notifications are instant, and there is no additional software to install.

With SHARE, it’s possible for attorneys to securely share case matter, financial advisors to send statements confidentially, bookkeepers and clients to share vendor bills and customer invoices and accountants to post completed tax forms for immediate review. The possibilities for secure paperless document sharing are limitless.

Any Document. Anywhere. Any Time.

These days, business is a 24/7/365 proposition. You need a document management software solution that works as hard as you do – and from anywhere you go.

The Cabinet SAFE document management system lets you access – and use – mission-critical information any time, anywhere, on any device. Whether you’re working on a PC at your office, a laptop at home or an iPad® in the airport, SAFE has you covered.

QuickBooks Integration Made Easy

The Cabinet SAFE document management system integrates directly with all versions of the QuickBooks accounting suite.

SAFE lets you gather accounts payable and accounts receivable documentation from any source, store it in a standardized, legible, accessible and organized digital form, then enter it into QuickBooks with minimal manual data entry and a full audit trail. Errors and time spent accounting go down … efficiency goes up.

Streamlined Scanning & Capture

Capture is the key to unlocking value in an efficiency solution. And no capture software offers more than Cabinet’s ADVANCED CAPTURE.

Developed by the top minds in the paperless document management industry, ADVANCED CAPTURE is a powerful, user-friendly system designed to streamline high-volume, high-speed batch importation of documents into our document management software.

It’s the ideal solution for document scanning, document indexing, electronic document importation, data extraction and accounts payable/accounts receivable automation.