Managed Security Services

Convergent Information Security Solutions’ Managed Security Services include:
  • Fully managed Perimeter Security Solutions
  • Fully managed Endpoint / Server Security Solutions
  • Fully managed Application Security Solutions
    • Including Email Security Solutions
  • Managed Cloud Security
  • Fully Managed Threat Response and Remediation Solutions
  • Managed PAM Service

Managed Perimeter Security Solutions:


Many Organizations and Business are unsure of what their real regulatory compliance needs are, or do not understand the risks that are undertaken when the issue of Perimeter Security is not addressed adequately.  Most Organizations, whether mandated to maintain a Perimeter Security Solution by Regulation, or mandated by their Insurance Underwriter, should implement a Perimeter Security Solution.


Every network that is connected to the public Internet is at risk of being compromised by remote attackers.  If your network does not have adequate security at the perimeter, an attacker may make your network his new home.


Our Perimeter Security Solutions can detect malicious activity (spyware, malware, etc.) emanating from within your network, potentially preventing data integrity compromise, and enabling IT Security personnel to pinpoint the source of the activity more quickly.



A Monitored Perimeter Security Solution is required to be installed and maintained at any attack vector as dictated by many Security Regulatory Compliance Regulations.


Our Managed Perimeter Security Solution allows our clients to report on, and restrict, corporate network usage.  Not only does this meet a critical need by increasing employee efficiency, proper restrictions on access to the public Internet reduces downtime due to compromised systems.

It is fairly common for an organization’s IT department to purchase a basic firewall, then “forget” about it once it is installed and configured.  There is often no one monitoring the logs for attack attempts or other anomalies.  This basic firewall only receives attention when a change is needed, or a firmware or software update is needed — and oftentimes these critical items are ignored as well.

Properly maintaining a network’s Perimeter Security can be (and should be) a full-time job.  Often network administrators, while experts in their day-to-day tasks of maintaining their networks and systems, are too busy to properly maintain or monitor their perimeter defense systems.  They also often do not have the expertise to properly understand and react to potential threats even if they had time to monitor these perimeter systems at all.

Convergent Information Security Solutions removes this burden of management, monitoring, and change management.  Our experienced staff will monitor your perimeter security devices for attacks and react appropriately to these threats with the proper response that is applicable for the attack or event’s severity.

Pattern updates, firmware updates, and other management functions are handled by Convergent Information Security Solutions staff with little or no intervention required by the client’s IT staff.

Convergent Information Security Solutions will generate the appropriate Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Perimeter Security Reports as required by your internal Security Policy or Security Compliance Regulations.  In addition to the automated attack blocking capability of our Perimeter Security Solution, our personnel will determine what attacks are actionable and will report any such attack attempts to the appropriate authorities, and take any further action necessary to negate any action of an outside attacker.

Endpoint / Server Security Solutions:

Endpoint (Workstations, Laptops) and Server Security are also a critical item that must be maintained and monitored on a regular basis.  In many smaller organizations, a “set it and forget it” approach is used in regards to this type of infrastructure protection.  This can be a serious mistake as often alerts go unheeded, systems are neglected, giving the attacker an easier time in leveraging these systems in an attack.

Convergent Information Security Solutions will fully manage a deployment of our defense tools in the client’s environment, and monitor for errant activity, and take action as necessary.  Many IT departments simply do not have the budget or human resources to maintain (properly) their endpoint and server security implementation.  Our solution includes:

  • Host IPS
  • Threat Case Management
  • AI-based anomaly detection, Exploit detection
  • Application Control
  • DLP Control
  • And, especially useful for today’s mobile worker, Web Access control.

Fully Managed Threat Response and Remediation Solutions:

Convergent Information Security Solutions can combine the telemetry gained from our Managed Perimeter Security Solution, and our Managed Endpoint/Server Security Solution, with the addition of a simple software agent on hosts, and optional network sensors to provide the ultimate in managed security and network protection.

Using our MTR (Managed Threat Response) service, we can detect attacks via vectors that do not normally register with standard anti-malware software, or normal firewall / IPS monitoring.  This system also allows Convergent Information Security Solutions’ staff to assist in remediation in the event that some malicious activity is detected, as well as isolate affected nodes from the rest of the network.  This system is monitored 24/7 and is the ultimate in network and data protection, all with minimal assistance from the client’s IT department.

Our Managed Cloud Security services can also tie into this service as well, so all aspects of your computing environment, whether onsite or in the Cloud, can enjoy this level of protection.

Managed Cloud Security Solutions:

Convergent Information Security Solutions can also help secure your cloud resources. IaaS vendors such as AWS, Azure, Google, have plainly stated and defined their security models as a Shared Responsibility model (that is, the cloud vendor is responsible for certain aspects of security of resources in their respective cloud environments, while the customer/client is responsible for other remaining aspects of security regarding their cloud implementations); still, many IT departments don’t have the tools or processes in place to do their part.

Convergent Information Security Solutions can help!  In addition to our Managed Perimeter Security solutions being deployable in AWS and Azure, our Endpoint and Server Security Solutions are also available in all cloud infrastructures (Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported).  Additionally, we have compliance tools that can continually monitor your IaaS configuration for security issues, and all of these items can all be combined and used with our Managed Threat Response service.

Also, for those that are using Cloud email services, our Managed Email Protection service can add additional safeguards against 0-day attacks being deployed via email, and it is compatible with most popular cloud email services.

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