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Cybersecurity Strategy and Consulting

CISS specializes in Cybersecurity Strategy and Consulting, offering expert guidance to fortify your digital defenses. Our strategic approach helps businesses navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape, ensuring robust protection against evolving threats. With tailored consulting services, CISS empowers organizations to enhance their security posture and safeguard their critical assets.

value added services

Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services. Explore a range of additional services beyond our standard offerings that deliver enhanced operational benefits, efficiencies, and risk mitigation. These may encompass innovative solutions, fresh ideas, and collaborative partnerships. Examples include unique business functionalities, specialized services, competitive pricing, shared savings, discounts, or custom terms with specific vendors.

cybersecurity strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy and Consulting

Assist clients with developing and maintaining a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and program that aligns with the organization’s business objectives. Provide expert advice on cybersecurity strategies, policies, and compliance to align with industry standards, regulations, and requirements. Ensure oversight and governance to align the organization’s cybersecurity policies and practices with industry best practices.
incident response

Incident Response and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Assist the organization with the development, maintenance, testing, and continuous improvement of incident response and business continuity and disaster recovery plans. If you are currently exeriencing a cyber attack please call us directly at:

CISS Emergency Incident Response Team: (877) 248-4991

boardroom meeting

Board and Executive Communication

Provide consistent updates and detailed reports to your executive management during quarterly meetings concerning cybersecurity matters. Furthermore, ensure frequent communication by delivering monthly cybersecurity updates to executive leadership, guaranteeing alignment on essential security initiatives and strategies. At CISS – Convergent Security, we prioritize transparent and effective communication with your leadership team to maintain a proactive approach to cybersecurity.
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Security Rating Platform Software

Recommend and/or offer Security Rating Platform software (FortMesa) used in cybersecurity advisory analysis. Fortify your GRC team with everything they need at their fingertips.

network architecture

Security Technology Evaluation, Architecture, and Design

Periodically assess and recommend cybersecurity technologies that align with the organization’s needs and budget. Review and advise on the design and implementation of secure IT architectures and systems.

cybersecurity awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

Assist the organization in the identification of training opportunities to ensure employees are aware of and adhere to cybersecurity policies and best practices. teach end-users to detect and report advanced phishing attacks and automating responses for Operation Teams.

Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management

Conduct in-depth risk assessments and develop strategic risk management plans to pinpoint vulnerabilities, threats, and potential impacts, while also ranking cybersecurity risks linked to the organization’s assets and third-party vendors and partners. Safeguard your assets and partnerships with our comprehensive risk management solutions.

cyber threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence Services

Provide cutting-edge insights into evolving threats and vulnerabilities to empower proactive defense strategies and enable the seamless integration of defensive measures. Stay ahead of potential attacks with up-to-date information and practical guidance on implementing robust mitigations to safeguard your organization against emerging risks.

process improvement

Continuous Improvement

Establish robust processes for continuous evaluation and enhancement of cybersecurity programs. Consistently assess risk assessments, policies, procedures, security controls, technology solutions, and implement efficient automations to ensure maximum protection, resilience, and readiness against evolving cyber threats in today’s complex digital landscape.

CISS is committed to our clients success

At CISS – Convergent Security, we pride ourselves on ensuring the success of our valued clients. Our innovative consulting solutions are designed to empower organizations and provide robust cybersecurity measures, not only enhancing security posture but also safeguarding critical assets. For clients with existing provider relationships, our tailored approach offers a fresh perspective and a new level of support in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

Managed Detection and Response

MDR is a managed security service that provides 24/7 threat detection and response, expert-led threat hunting, and incident response capabilities.

Compliance and Governance

Developing a custom Risk Management and Compliance strategy can be extremely complicated. CISS has the experience to effectively get you on the right path.

Emergency Incident Response Team

CISS has a Incedent Response team to help mitigate issues 24/7 and 365. CISS can take immediate action to secure your network.

Professional IT Services

CISS can assist in developing automation and workflows that keep compliance at the forefront. Delivering many of the routine operations and processes while freeing your team.

Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing

MDR is a managed security service that provides 24/7 threat detection and response, expert-led threat hunting, and incident response capabilities

Privilege Access Management / SSO

CISS has a comprehensive suite of curated solutions to manage access to all your organizations' information securely and documented for Compliance.

Cloud Security and Services

From offsite backup solutions to complete security management of virtually any cloud platforms or service such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Salesforce.

Endpoint Security / NDR / XDR

CISS offers a full suite of protections starting with endpoint security for your devices, NDR (Network, Detect, and Response) and XDR (Extended Detection and Response)