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How does Keeper integrate with Iphone and Apple Keychain?

Apple uses a highly proprietary built in password manager. This system does not allow natively any connectors to its database. You can have both the Keeper Enterprise Password Manager and Apple Keychain active at the same time and for most users this might be fine. You can also log into Apple ICloud from a desktop and export the Apple passwords into Keeper EPM and gain the added benefit of the Keeper Zero Trust and Encryption with alternative recovery methods and reporting including BreachWatch. If you choose to import from ICloud be sure to switch to Keeper being the default so all new passwords will be pulled from the Keeper EPM Vault.

Do you have to provision the mobile app?
No, in fact, Keeper offers a wide range of deployment options, and for most enterprises, the Keeper Desktop Vault is the preferred method for provisioning Keeper EPM on your network. The native desktop application offers additional benefits, such as the ability to use the vault offline and adjust the sync settings to lower internet traffic usage according to your preferences. For example, you can set the desktop application to sync every couple of minutes instead of every few seconds. The Keeper Desktop Vault is a powerful and convenient solution for managing your security needs.
What is the best way to share passwords you don't want changed by everyone?

Best practice is to share the password/passwords from the administrator as view only and if you want to make someone delegated to be able to update the password give that one user the edit role for the record. A standout feature of the Keeper EPM platform is its ability to customize workflows according to your specific requirements, enabling you to have complete control over how it operates.

How do I get my end users up to speed after we purchase the product?
CISS – Convergent Security will work closely with your team to deliver comprehensive end user training tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you prefer training by team or organization-wide, we offer flexible options to suit your needs. Contact us today to explore additional training possibilities and let us create a customized plan exclusively for you.

Managed Detection and Response

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Compliance and Governance

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Emergency Incident Response Team

CISS has a Incedent Response team to help mitigate issues 24/7 and 365. CISS can take immediate action to secure your network.

Professional IT Services

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MDR is a managed security service that provides 24/7 threat detection and response, expert-led threat hunting, and incident response capabilities

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